Funding Universe: Speed dating for startups.

connectLogo.jpgI went down to Funding Universe's speedpitching event which was again worthwhile. Brock has a good thing going there though I've heard him lamenting the fact that FU recieves a flat fee. I'm guessing that he's up nights thinking of ways to get a tiny kicker out of deals that are funded... I'll leave that to the regilstered broker dealers.

Speaking of which, Devin Thorpe of Thorpe Capital came over to say hi. Devin's good people and writes Mid Market Maven.

There were two others sitting at my table whom I had not met and now count myself lucky to have. (Did that make sense?) Andrew Laver from APL Capital and Barry Hobbs from the Bay. Barry's built a house in Heber for the last two years but I understand the old hankerings starting to take hold again.  I discussed the new Park City group with both Barry and Andrew and both expressed interest.