Monitizing Traffic: Making money from your blog.

I have more than a few blogs. to them seems to be somewhat cyclical. For a while I was posting almost daily to this site and neglecting others. The roles have switched lately and I've been posting to my medical blog.

Here's my current list of blogs that I write or have created:

Medical Spa MD has the most traffic, 18000 unique visitors, most of which are physicians. (This blog has about 7k unique monthly visitors.)

So, the rub. How to monetize your traffic without seeming crass and turning off your readers.

I use Yahoo PPC and my Medical Spa blog earns between $100 and $250 a month pretty consistently. I lean towards creating something more since it's a hell of a lot of work to grow a blog.

So, I'm using my blog to generate revenue indirectly rather than try to make money from PPC. I've a strong feeling that it's a better method for my market and could generate much more revenue than the ubiquitous PPC.

  • I've created a classified section to allow physicians to buy and sell their used lasers, IPLs and medical equipment. With 18k readers this should generate some traffic and value... especially since it's free.
  • I offer a needed piece of equipment, a spectrophotometer, at a significant discount. (I take a percentage.)
  • I've organized much of the information I've generated and plan to offer it as a book, guide, or structure for starting and running a medical spa or cosmetic practice.
  • I've built a portal to address every cosmetic medical practices main concern and need, driving new patient traffic. This new site will be a vertical marketing portal where a physician can build, customize, and send direct mail at a 30-40% discount from the current deep discount printers. (This is a big play in the market and I'll link as soon as the site goes live.)
  • I've created a medspa membership list to garner info about my visitors.
Will it work? How well? We'll see.