The Sopranos, HD TV & other assorted tidbits.

SopCD1.jpgI'm a Sopranos lover. Here's a couple of thoughts from the last week (Including the Sopranos final episode which just aired.)


  • They (the Sopranos family) didn't get wacked.
  • HD TV is absolutely the only way to watch anything. I bought two HDTV's last week (a 47 inch for the regular TV and a 42 inch for my studio) I'm blown away. It reminds me of my inlaws comments on discovering that a microwave was actually much easier to cook with than a stove... "Now we know". (My wife's not as enthused as I.)
  • It pisses me off that everything's not in HD.
  • HD has reached the tipping point since now I have two of them.
  • Park City is due an angel group of some sort.
  • Phil Burns had better throw some of that Daily Spike traffic my way since he's said such nice things about me.
  • Squarespace is hand's down the best blogging software.
  • I've got to be more diligent with Fight Club.
  • I need to exercise more and get back in fighting shape.
  • There are a couple of startups that are of interest to me. It's an interesting time.
  • I love Land Rovers but gas at $3 is killing me.